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"This music connects you with the earth. With the essence of nature.
It seems to emerge from the same source that life stems from.
It is as if we went back to the origins of the world through Malin’s voice and her music."

Ana Alcolea, writer




Inspired by nature and its sounds Malin Schell sings, improvises and composes.
Her songs are about the sun and the moon, the seeds that become trees,

the dance of the wind, and the mother of oceans and rivers.

Her compositions are imbued with Brazilian music.

But Malin sings and interprets songs from all over the world.

At times she improvises freely and creates new melodies born out of the moment.

On stage she loves to mix different styles to take you on a unique sound journey.


           T  CONCERT


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Malin organises various workshops, focussing on singing technique,

vocal improvisation and polyphonic singing. She also adds elements ofmovement,

dance and rhythm to her teaching.

The short workshops can last from one to four hours, but there are also some lasting several days which allow you to immerse deeply into a world of sounds and to discover your own voice.

Next Workshop: 

30. June 2020, 18.30 - 21.30 h

Studio Gabriela Tanner 

Froschaugasse 8 - 8001 Zürich


Malin has a huge repertoire of polyphonic songs from the entire world, 

many medicine songs from South America and countless mantras from India.

She organises various singing events,

be it small or big scale, in sitting rooms, parks, churches, for private parties or business dinners. She is happy to share these wonderful songs and inspire the participants to join in song with her.

Next Singing Circle:

next date coming soon

Studio Gabriela Tanner 

Froschaugasse 8 - 8001 Zürich



Singing technique, vocal improvisation, songs. For beginners and advanced students.

more about Theta Voice Liberation:


She offers musical accompaniment in

ceremonies and rituals at events such

as labour, birthdays, weddings and funerals.





“By blending into the sound and becoming one with the music, I feel a deep connection to myself,

my essence and my heart. Beeing in harmony with all that is. Music brings me to an awareness state in which I can simply be, fly, dream and create, with joy and ease.”


Malin was born in Switzerland in 1990.  She has been singing and making music since childhood. Aged eight, she started to play the cello. Throughout her youth she participated in various musical projects, choirs and orchestras.


She continues taking singing lessons with Maria Baldauf and Gabriela Tanner. Malin obtained her Bachelor’s at the Music Academy Lucerne in Music & Movement and Jazz vocal with Lauren Newton among others. Followed by a Master’s in Improvisation at the Music Academy Basel with Fred Frith.

At a very young age she fell in love with travelling and discovered her affinity with Brazil where she spent long periods of time. Since 2015 she has mainly lived in the “Vale do Capão” in the Chapada Diamantina.


Inspired by nature, the sounds of the river, the birds and the frogs, Malin sings, improvises and composes her songs. Her first CD “Ciclos” was born out of this magical place. In recent years she also took various courses in Thetahealing. In her work as artist and teacher she combines this technique with her music.




There are lots of ideas, projects and dreams in the waiting. So many songs and music to be created, sung and recorded by me, so that they can be shared worldwide, touch, delight and inspire many hearts.

As a next project I would like to record a CD with many musicians in a professional studio.
Any donations to allow the realization of this project will be greatly appreciated.


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Malin Schell

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